What is AYCD Resell Pass?

Resell Pass (Formally AYCD Toolbox) is one of our base subscriptions giving you access to the industry's most powerful set of tools. Our tools ensure everything from setting up for drops to managing your mail is fast and easy. Resell Pass includes OneClick, Profile Builder, Inbox, Location Spoof, Server Generator, and Crypton.


  • Generate one-clicks and maintain quality Google accounts.
  • Automate and manage your mail forwarding settings.
  • Randomized Google account activity keeping your accounts full with humanlike interactions.
  • Manage Account Security and Recovery for hundreds of accounts utilizing built-in tools.
  • Run Unlimited Accounts allowing OneClick to schedule and manage your accounts.

Profile Builder

  • Create, Import, and Export profiles to over 100 of your favorite applications.
  • Manage all of your Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) utilizing tools to generate and delete VCCs.
  • Mass Edit and Jig your profiles using expressions and AI to create 1000s of unique profiles.
  • Generate, Update, and Reset your accounts for over 50 supported websites.
  • Tuner is the home of your Nike SNKRS accounts, managing them utilizing built-in tools.


  • View Emails from any provider supporting IMAP and utilize tools to unsubscribe or delete emails.
  • Use Scraper Templates to pull data from your emails and easily aggregate it.
  • Actively monitor your accounts for incoming emails and automatically scrape new data.
  • Send Scraped Data to Inventory to use our shipment tracking tools and access profit/loss.
  • Create tasks to request Phone Numbers and SMS OTP codes from various providers.

Server Generator

  • Create servers with the ability to make and reuse images makes scaling up your setups a breeze.
  • Import and destroy existing instances from your accounts, ensuring you always know what servers are running.
  • Generate proxies from various cloud-based providers in seconds.
  • Generate Akami cookies for use across various sites with ease.
  • Scrape Shopify variants quality with the ability to specify an export format.


  • Generate wallets on ETH and SOL.
  • Quickly send and disperse Crypto or NFTs to one or many wallets.
  • View multiple wallet balances from one page.
  • Monitor your wallet's activity (Crypto and NFT transactions) via Discord notifications.
  • View your NFT collection across all your wallets. Easily access helpful links and view rarity information in one place.

Location Spoof

  • Spoof your location for multiple iOS devices.
  • Create location markers to ensure you can quickly switch your device's location.


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