What does Toolbox Come With?

The AYCD Toolbox is the most powerful set of tools in the botting industry. Our tools ensure that setting up for drops is fast and easy. The Toolbox includes OneClick, Spoof, Profile Converter, Resell Manager, and Generator.


  • Generate one-clicks
  • Built-in automated mail forwarding
  • Randomized Google account activity
  • Built-in automated scheduling system
  • Run unlimited accounts


  • Location spoofing of iOS devices
  • Compatible with any website
  • Autofill for various sites
  • Easily enter SNKRS raffles
  • Proxy Support

Profile Converter

  • Your centralized profile manager
  • Import billing profiles from different bots
  • Grouped billing management
  • Export options for most bots
  • Built-in jigging tools and pass profile jig options
  • Automatic import for Google Forms using our supported format

Resell Manager

  • Easily manage and track sales
  • Manage bot keys and logins with our secure vault
  • Track Footsites / UPS / FedEx orders easily


  • Create servers and generate data center proxies
  • Support for providers such as AWS, GCP, and more
  • Perfect for last minute servers and proxies for drops, or last minute data center proxies
  • Generate accounts for sites such as Target, Walmart, Off White, and Shopify
  • Generate cookies for various sites
  • Pull variants from Shopify sites

Subscription Perks

  • 35% Discount on AYCD Residential Proxies
  • 10% Discount on AYCD ISP Proxies
  • Prices that will never raise
  • Access to all future updates


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