How to Cancel your AYCD Subscription

Your AYCD account gives you access to all of the products within our Toolbox. With a subscription to our Toolbox you get access to:

  • OneClick - Farming to increase the trust of your Google Accounts.
  • Spoof - Generate unique browsers, giving you the upper hand on popular releases!
  • Billing Converter - A billing manager that serves as a hub for all of your billings allowing export into over 25+ different bot formats. Billing Converter is also perfect for slot management.
  • Proxy Gen - Automatically generate Data Center proxies with providers like AWS and GCP.

When you cancel and unsubscribe from your subscription you will lose access to all of the services within the toolbox and the end of your term. Once you cancel the only way to reactivate your subscription is to purchase a new one or contact our support team.

  1. Login to your AYCD account on with your Email and Password.
  2. Once logged into your account go to the Billing menu option along the top.
  3. Find the subscription that you wish to cancel and use the action button beside the corresponding subscription in order to cancel it.
  4. Once you hit cancel and confirm that you wish to cancel the subscription you will be done. The subscription will cancel at the end of your term.




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