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With Inbox, you can view your emails across multiple providers in one centralized view. You can use Inbox with any mail provider that supports IMAP.

Setup & Recommendations

View Emails

1. Navigate over to the Emails section of Inbox in Mail. This section has an envelope icon titled Emails when you hover over it.

2. In the tableview, you can view emails with the Stacked or Expanded view type.

  • The Stacked view type will stack your emails across multiple Mail Credentials based on the subject.
  • The Expanded view type will show each email in one row in the tableview.

3.  Select the email you want to view from the table view. If you do not see the email you are looking for, click the Options button, then click Sync Mail or Sync All Mail.

4. Double-click on the email you want to view. If you use Stacked as your view type, the Mail Item dialog will open. The dialog will show all emails matching the Subject Subject in the stack. You can double-click an Email to view it.

5. If you use Expanded as your view type, you can double-click the email in the table view to view it. 

6. You can quickly reply to an email by clicking the Reply button. To learn more about replying to emails, click here.

7. You can view and download attachments sent to your email in the Attachments section. 

Advanced Search

1. Advanced Search can isolate specific emails based on numerous parameters. A list of the parameters is in the screenshot below.

2. You can combine multiple parameters to isolate specific emails, such as picking specific From and Subject values.

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