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You can use the Distribute Custom Data Tool to mass assign Custom Data to your tasks. You can do this by providing a list of data, generating Custom Data with AI, or by using our preset randomized data.

Setup & Recommendations

Distribute Custom Data

1. Navigate over to the Browsers section of TabSentry in Tasks. This section has an icon that looks like a globe titled Browsers when you hover over it.

2. Select one of your tasks in the tableview, click the Tools button, select the Distribute Custom Data option, and click Start.

3. You can provide a List of values. Each value needs to be separated with a new line.

4. You can generate values with AI. This utilizes chatGPT to generate values based on the description you provide. The more detailed your description, the higher quality data chatGPT will generate.

5. A confirmation dialog will appear once you click the Save button. This will show the estimated cost of the AI job. AYCD includes 100,000 free tokens per month with your subscription.

6. You can use our preset randomized data sets in the Random section. This includes Dates, Names, Address info, and other miscellaneous values.

7. After configuring the Distribute Custom Data dialog, click the Save button. A dialog will appear confirming your Custom Data has been distributed. 

8. You can verify your data has been distributed by editing one of your tasks, and navigating to the Custom Data section. For example, on this task I distributed a random Adult Age value.


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