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You can configure Settings in TabSentry to enable Webhooks, Password Lock, Inbox, Keyboard Shortcuts, and more. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • The data in all Toolbox programs is secured and encrypted automatically. Given the sensitive nature of Billing and Credit Card information, you can further secure data in TabSentry with a Password Lock.


1. Navigate to the Settings > General section of TabSentry.

2. Input an AYCD/Discord Webhook if you want to be notified of events in TabSentry, such as page URL changes and more.

3. You can access and package your program logs in the Package Logs section.

4. You can view the release notes for the current and previous versions of TabSentry in the Release Notes section.

5. You can create Auto Backups/Backups, restore existing Backups, and Reset TabSentry in the Backup/Restore/Reset section.

6. You can clear up storage on your device with the Cleanup Old Files button.

7. You can move the save location of TabSentry to a different HD/SSD with the Move resource directory button.

8. After configuring the dialog, click the Save button.

Password Lock

You can read more about enabling, disabling, and using Password Lock here.

Inbox Service

1. Navigate to the Settings > Inbox Service section of TabSentry.

2. Input your Inbox API Key to the API Key field. You can enable the Inbox API and find your API Key in Inbox | Settings > Tasks. Click here and read the Tasks section of the Inbox | Settings > Tasks guide to learn more about the Inbox API. 

3. Input the name of your Mail Task Template in the Default Mail Task Template Name field.

4. Input the name of your SMS Task Template in the Default SMS Task Template Name field.

5. After configuring the Inbox Service section, click the Save button.

Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Navigate to the Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts section of TabSentry. You can configure hotkeys to various actions in the Keyboard Shortcuts section. 

2. Click the Enable Keyboard Shortcuts button. A dialog will appear asking if you want to enable keyboard shortcuts. Please read the dialog and click the Yes button.

3. Select an Action to which you want to assign a hotkey and click the Edit button or right-click> edit.

4. The Edit Keyboard Shortcut Dialog will appear. You can configure a key combination to trigger the selected Action in this dialog. When you have finished configuring the Keyboard Shortcut, click the Save button.

5. After creating your Keyboard Shortcuts, click the Save button. 


1. Navigate to the Settings > Tasks section of TabSentry.

2. You can specify how many Tasks can run simultaneously in the Max Concurrently Running Browsers field. If you start more Tasks than what is specified in this field, they will be Scheduled until running tasks are stopped. You can set this value to 0 if you want TabSentry to automatically calculate a safe amount to run based on your available resources.

3. You can specify a range of time in seconds to wait between starting each Task in the Browser Startup Delay (Seconds) field.

4. You can specify a range of time in seconds to wait between opening each tab within an individual Task in the Browser Tab Open Delay (Seconds) field. This delay will only apply to tabs that share the same domain.

5. You can configure which Multi-Browser Control (MBC) events to allow when running tasks in the Allowed MBC Events dropdown.

6. After configuring the Tasks section, click the Save button.

Task Assistant

1. Navigate to the Settings > Task Assistant section of TabSentry.

2. You can enable the Do not keep Task Assistant on top of other windows checkbox if you do not want Task Assistant to always appear on top of other windows.

3. You can enable the Disable automatic opening and closing of Task Assistant checkbox if you do not want Task Assistant to be automatically opened and closed when a task is started or all tasks are stopped.

4. After configuring the Task Assistant section, click the Save button.

Activity Generator

1. Navigate to the Settings > Activity Generator section of TabSentry.

2. You can configure how many browsers can be farmed at once with the Activity Generator Feature in the Max Browsers Farming At Once field. You can set this value to 0 if you want TabSentry to automatically calculate a safe amount to run based on your available resources.

3. You can configure how long Activity Generator Features Tasks will sleep until the next cycle of activity in the Sleep Time Range in Minutes field. You should leave this field on the default value.

4. You can set a time zone for your Activity Features Tasks to automatically sleep at night and restart in the morning at a random time with the Sleep at Night Time Zone dropdown. We recommend using the same timezone that your proxies are located in.

5. After configuring the Activity Generator section, click the Save button.

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