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Utilizing the action menu, you can easily mass change your Task(s) to new URLs. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • The data in all Toolbox programs is secured and encrypted automatically. Given the sensitive nature of Billing and Credit Card information, you can further secure data in TabSentry with a Password Lock.
  • You can input multiple links when using the Mass URL Change Action.
  • You can configure Keyboard Shortcuts in Settings to quickly trigger an action, such as Mass URL Change. Click here to learn more about Keyboard Shortcuts.

Mass URL Change

1. Navigate over to the Browsers section of TabSentry in Tasks. This section has an icon that looks like a globe titled Browsers when you hover over it.

2. Select the Tasks you want to Mass URL Change from the table. Right Click > Actions > Mass URL Change. This will open the Mass URL Change dialog.

3. Input the links you want to load in the selected Tasks in the URLs field. If you are providing multiple links, include one link per line. 

4. If you want to keep the current links assigned to your Tasks and add the new links to your Tasks, click the Keep current URLs and add new URLs checkbox. If you want to replace the existing links on your Tasks, do not click this checkbox. 

5. After configuring the dialog, click the Load URLs button.

6. Your new link(s) have been successfully added to your Tasks.

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