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Extensions allow you to add unpacked Chrome extensions to TabSentry, allowing them to be assigned to multiple Tasks.

Setup & Recommendations

  • The data in all Toolbox programs is secured and encrypted automatically. Given the sensitive nature of Billing and Credit Card information, you can further secure data in TabSentry with a Password Lock.
  • To add Extensions to TabSentry, you need access to the unpacked version. They cannot be added using the Chrome Web Store.
  • You can use Extensions with Google Chrome and Brave Browser Types. AYCD Browser Type does not support Extensions.


1. Navigate to the Extensions section in TabSentry under Features. This section has the Puzzle Piece icon titled Extensions when you hover over it. 

2. Click the Create button. This will bring up the New Browser Extension dialog. 

3. Select the directory where your extension is located by clicking the folder icon.

4. Click the Verify button to fill in the name and version of the extension. After clicking Verify, you can edit the name to give it a custom name.

5. After configuring the dialog, click the Save button, and the extension will be added to TabSentry. 

Using Extensions on Your Tasks

1. Navigate over to the Browsers section of TabSentry in Tasks. This section has an icon that looks like a globe titled Browsers when you hover over it.

2. Select the Task(s) you want to assign your Extensions and right-click > Edit > Edit. This will open the Task Editing dialog.

3. Navigate to the Extensions section of the Task Editing dialog. 

4. Select the Extension(s) you want to use with your Tasks.

5. After configuring the Edit Task dialog, click the Save button.

6. Your Extension(s) are now successfully assigned to your Tasks!

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