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The Tab section lets you easily visualize the current status of all your task's tabs, ensuring you do not miss a thing during a release. The Tabs section can be especially helpful if you are waiting in a queue-based release, as the queue position will be shown in one of the columns.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Browsers must be started for their tabs to be shown here.
  • You can manually refresh the view by clicking Options > Refresh view.
  • If you select a tab and click Task Assistant, the task assistant will automatically load the data for that task.


1.  Navigate over to the Tabs section in TabSentry in Tasks. This section has an icon that looks like a browser window titled Tabs when you hover over it. 

Screenshot 2023-10-12 205045.png2. Once you start a task, the respective tabs will show in the Tab section. Screenshot 2023-10-12 220250.png3. By default, in the Tab view, you can see the Category the task is located in. The task's nickname, the webpage's title, the URL, and the queue position.

Right-click menu

The right-click menu offers several options, so you do not need to change to the Browsers section to monitor your task.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 220829.png

1. Navigate to the Tabs section in TabSentry under Tasks. This section has an icon resembling a browser window titled Tabs when you hover over it. 
2. Right-click on a selected task in the table to load the menu.
3. The Load URL option will open a dialog. In this dialog, you can input a URL, and the browser will load the provided URL in that tab.
4. The Reload option automatically refreshes the tab. 
5. The Duplicate option creates a duplicate tab inside the browser; the webpage and cookies will remain the same.
6. Bring to Front will bring the selected tab and browser to the forefront of your screen. 
7. Close will close the selected tab. For Google Chrome and Brave, If the browser only has one tab open, then the browser will be closed.

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