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The task assistant allows you to easily view Mail OTP codes, configure MBC, and access billing information and other custom data.

Setup & Recommendations

  • To get the most functionality out of Task Assistant, you should configure the task as specific as possible to tailor your needs. You can do this by entering information when creating the tasks, such as username and password in the Autofill section, assigning a billing profile, configuring MailOTP, and creating an MBC Task Group.

Using Task Assistant

1. Create a task and configure it to your liking.

2. Click the Start button to start the task.

3. When coming across a site with Autofill options, the browser will do its best to Autofill as much as it can. In instances where it can't, you can Click the field to copy to your clipboard for easier access. Note that the username and password will only Autofill on sites entered in the URL section under the Autofill section of generating a task.


4. The Autofill also works on the billing portion of sites, it is also readily available to be copied as well.

Billing.png5. Although the Custom Data portion doesn't Autofill, you can click to copy the field for easy access.


6. When using the MailOTP feature, Task Assistant will automatically scan for incoming emails that contain OTP codes, you can click into the textbox the OTP needs to be filled out and click Autofill for it to fill the code.


7. Multi Browser Control (MBC) Can be started from the Task Assistant as well, to configure you can follow this guide here


8. The Features tab allows you to control the configured features and do things such as stop and start AutoSolve AI, AutoRefresh and Monitor URL Change.


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