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You can setup Multi Browser Control (MBC) to mimic keystrokes and mouse movements across multiple browsers simultaneously. This feature minimizes the time required for tedious clicking across multiple browsers.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Multi Browser Control can be configured on existing tasks by editing them or configuring newly generated tasks.

Creating New Tasks With Multi Browser Control

1. Navigate to the Tasks section of Tab Sentry. 

2. Click on File and then click either Create One Task or Create Many Tasks.

3. Configure the task generation dialogue and enter an MBC Group Name
4. Click Save to finish creating the tasks.
5. Start your tasks
6. Select MBC in the task assistant menu and click Start MBC 
7. After doing so the keystrokes and mouse actions will be replicated on the other tasks within that MBC Group.

Configuring Existing Tasks To Enable Multi Browser Control

1. Right click the tasks in the Tasks menu.

2. Click Edit 


3. Go to the MBC section and enter a Group Name


4. Click Save.

Tips and Tricks

The Task Assistant will indicate in the MBC Status section whether the browser in focus is the Child or Parent; the parent browser is the one
whose interactions will be mirrored by the child.



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