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You can manually add profiles to TabSentry or use the import feature to import profiles in mass. Profiles can be used with Browser Tasks to add autofill support for your tasks. You can export your profiles with just a few clicks.

Setup & Recommendations

  • The data in all Toolbox programs is secured and encrypted automatically. Given the sensitive nature of Billing and Credit Card information, you can further secure data in TabSentry with a Password Lock.
  • You can navigate to the Profiles section of TabSentry and click File - Export to download an example CSV file with the TabSentry Profile import format.
  • If you already have existing Profiles in Profile Builder, you can import them directly to TabSentry. 
  • Use categories to simplify organization—group by website, address, and more.

Create Profile

1. Navigate to the Profiles section in TabSentry. 

2. Click on File and then Create. This will open the Create Profile dialog.

3. By default, profiles are created in the All Category. You can override this and specify a category name to have your Profile created into a unique category.

4. Specify a unique Profile Name for this Profile. You can use the checkbox for Same Billing and Shipping Address to avoid having to type the same details in both the Billing and Shipping sections. 

5. Fill out the remaining Profile details like First and Last Name, Address, Phone, and Payment Details.

6. After you have finished configuring the Profile, you can use the Save button in the bottom right of the dialog to save the Profile.

Import Profiles

1. Navigate to the Profiles section in TabSentry.

2. Click on File and then Import. This will open the Import Profiles dialog. 

If you have created Profiles in Profile Builder, you can click Options and then Import From Profile Builder.

3. You can specify a Default Category to import your profiles into if none is provided in your CSV file.

4. Click the blue page icon to the right of the text area and select your Profiles CSV file in Windows Explorer/Mac Finder. 

5. When you have finished configuring the dialog, click the Import button.

Export Profiles

1. Navigate to the Profiles section in TabSentry.

2. Select the Profiles you want to export, then click on the File and Export buttons.

3. Click the Yes button to export the Profile(s) you selected.

4. View the exported Profiles file location by clicking the Yes button in the Completed - Export Items dialog. This will open the file explorer with your exported CSV file. 

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