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You can create Solvers to use for solving various captcha types. Solvers are unique browser sessions without a Gmail account logged in to them. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • You can use Solvers for reCaptcha, hCaptcha, Cloudflare Turnstile, GeeTest, FunCaptcha, DataDome Slider, and other captcha types!
  • After farming Solvers for a few weeks, they will work great for reCaptcha challenges.
  • You should use one unique ISP/DC proxy per Solver. You should use a different proxy from the one you are farming your Gmails on. You can learn more about adding and assigning proxies to Solvers here.

Add Solver

1. Navigate to the Accounts/Solvers section in OneClick under Tasks. This section has an icon that looks like a play button titled Account/Solvers when you hover over it.

2. Click on File, then click the Add Solver button. The Add Solvers Dialog will appear.

3. By default, Solvers are created in the All Category. You can override this and specify a category name to have your Solvers created into a unique category.

4. Specify a Name for your Solvers.

5. Specify the Quantity of Solvers you want to create.

6. Specify the Proxy Category you want to use with your Solvers.

7. Specify which Browser Type to use for your Solvers. Currently, AYCD and Chrome Browsers are supported. Each Solver Type is optimized for different captcha versions. You can see which captcha versions are supported in the Supported Features section. 

8. Optionally, you can configure a custom farming schedule with the Custom Farming Schedule section.

9. Click the Farming Scripts Override dropdown to enable/disable specific farming scripts.

10. Click the reCaptcha AI Solve Speed Override dropdown if you want to edit the solving speed to use for the solver. 

11. After configuring the dialog, click the Create button.

12. Your newly created Solvers will appear in the table view. You can use your Solvers with AutoSolve. You can learn more about how to use AutoSolve here.

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