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You can use the Send to Expenses Tool to populate the Expenses section of Inbox with your Scraper Data. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • You must have information populated in the Scraper Data section of Inbox. You can learn more about how to add information to Scraper Data here.

Send to Expenses

1. Navigate over to the Scraper Data section of Inbox in Mail. This section has an icon with three lines and dots titled Scraper Data when you hover over it.

2. Select the Scraper Data items from the table that you want to create Expenses items for.

3. Click on the Tools button at the top right of the view or right-click on the table and click on Tools. This will bring up the Tools dialog for scraper data.

4. Click on the dropdown and choose Send to Expenses.

5. Click Start.

6. By specifying data keys, You can configure the Send to Expenses dialog to match your data to the various Expenses fields.

7. By default, Expenses Items are created in the All Category. You can override this and specify a category name to have your Expenses Items created into a unique or existing category. 

8. Specify which data key to use for the Name of the Expense Item.

9. Specify which data key to use for the Date of the Expense Item.

10. Specify which data key to use for the Notes of the Expense Item. This can be any useful information you want.

11. Specify which data key to use for the Line Items of the Expenses Item. These should be valid numbers/prices.

12. When you have finished configuring the Send to Expenses dialog, click the Save button.

13. Your data will populate in the Expenses tab based on the configuration you provided in the previous dialog.

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