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You can generate activity on your Browser tasks with Activity Templates. This can be used on any website, such as Outlook and Amazon. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • To use Activity Templates, you need to create Browser tasks. You can learn how to create Browser tasks here.
  • If you are using Activity Templates on a website that requires you to login to an account, you need to login to the account manually and then start the Activity Template.

Creating Activity Templates

1. Navigate to the Activity Templates section in Profile Builder under Browsers. This section has the watering can icon titled Activity Templates when you hover over it.

2. Click the Create button. This will open a dialog to configure your Activity Templates.

3. By default, Activity Templates are created to the All Category. You can override this and specify a category name to have your Activity Templates created in or use the dropdown to assign them to an existing category.

4. Specify a Name for the Activity Template.

5. Input the Page URLs on which the activity template should be performed. You can provide multiple URLs by separating them with a new line.

6. Select an Activity Level for your Activity Template. The lower the level, the less activity that will perform. If you are unsure which Activity Level to use, select Medium

7. Select an Activity Speed for your Activity Template. Normal speed will take its time when generating activity. Fast speed will do the same but spend less time reading content in order to browse faster.

8. Click Save to create your Activity Template.

Running Activity Templates

1. Navigate to the Tasks section in Profile Builder under Browsers. This section has the browser icon titled Tasks when you hover over it.

2. Select the Tasks you want to use Activity Templates on. Click the Tools button and select Generate Activity in the drop-down menu.

3. Click Start.

4. Select the Activity Template(s) to use for Activity Generation.

5. Click Start.

6. Your tasks will start generating activity based on your Activity Templates configuration.


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