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You can use AutoSolve with various bots and applications. AutoSolve, paired with AutoSolve AI, is the ultimate captcha-solving solution.

Setup & Recommendations

  • You can use your AutoSolve API Key to send reCaptcha challenges to OneClick through AutoSolve. Refer to this guide to learn more about setting up OneClick Accounts/Solvers.
  • If you have AutoSolve AI, reCaptcha challenges that appear in your Accounts/Solvers will automatically solve.

AutoSolve API Key

1. Navigate to the AutoSolve section in OneClick.

2. Create a new AutoSolve API Key or select one of your existing AutoSolve API Keys. Then right-click the selected API Key and click the Copy API Key button.

3. Navigate to the Tools section in Mek AIO. Then go to the Cap Gen tab.

4. Click the button to create a Cap Gen solver.

5. Select AYCD under the dropdown.

6. Specify a name for your AYCD solver. You can input anything in this field.

7. Input your AutoSolve API Key to the AYCD Api Token field. 

8. When you have finished configuring the Cap Gen solver, click the Save button.

9. Your AYCD Cap Gen solver should look similar to the screenshot below.

10. Navigate to your Task group in Mek AIO.

11. Under the Captcha Service dropdown, select the option that you named your AYCD Cap Gen solver.

12. Click the Save button.

13. You can test your setup by running tasks on the Checkpoint Test site preset. Navigate to the Task section of Mek.

14. Start tasks. If the captchas are sent to OneClick and solved on your OneClick Accounts/Solvers, your setup is working.

AutoSolve AI Key

1. Navigate to the AutoSolve section in OneClick.

2. Click the View AutoSolve AI Key button.

3. Click the Copy AutoSolve AI Key button in the dialog.

4. Navigate to the Setting section in Mek AIO. 

5. Input your AutoSolve AI Key in the AYCD AI Token field. 

6. Click the Save button.

7. If you want reCaptcha challenges to be automatically solved when they appear in the MEK local harvesters, navigate to the Task section of Mek. Create tasks for the Checkpoint Test preset site.

8. Enable the LocalSolve option on your tasks.

9. Do not select a provider within the task group for the Captcha Service.

10. Open a Mek harvester set to Shopify-Checkpoint.

11. Start tasks. If the captchas are automatically solved when they appear in the Mek harvester, your setup is working.


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  • Article seems to be out if date. When completing the setup, I do not see the same details as as the article, specifically the AYCD screen after inputting the tokens.


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