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You can use AutoSolve with various bots and applications. AutoSolve, paired with AutoSolve AI, is the ultimate captcha-solving solution.

Setup & Recommendations

AutoSolve API Key

1. Navigate to the AutoSolve section in OneClick.

2. Create a new AutoSolve API Key or select one of your existing AutoSolve API Keys. Then right-click the selected API Key and click the Copy API Key button.

3. Navigate to the Captcha section in NSB. 

4. Click the AYCD button and input your AutoSolve API Key in the API Key field.

5. Click the Connect button. A success message will appear confirming you have connected to AutoSolve.

AutoSolve AI Key

1. Navigate to the AutoSolve section in OneClick.

2. Click the View AutoSolve AI Key button.

3. Click the Copy AutoSolve AI Key button in the dialog.

4. Navigate to the Profile section in NSB. 

5. Click the Settings button.

6. Click the APIs button. Input your AutoSolve AI Key in the AI API Key field. 

7. Click the Save button. 

8. Navigate to the Captcha section in NSB. Create a captcha solver and enable the AI toggle.

9. Open the solver with the Play button. You have successfully configured AYCD with NSB.

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