Using the Backup and Restore functions

The Toolbox applications all feature Backup and Restore options within the Settings. This allows you to quickly create encrypted backups or restore from an earlier point. Please note that all backups are encrypted and can be only accessed by the account that made the backup.

Creating a Backup

Creating a backup is simple, in the application head to the Settings section. Once you are in the Settings Click Backup, you will then be given the option to select options you want to be saved, it is recommended to have all enabled when creating the backup.


Auto Backups

Auto-Backup allows all applications to automatically backup the entire program state after changes are made. This allows you to restore the entire program to specific points in time within a 7 day period.


Restoring from a backup

To restore from a backup you'll need to be in the application Settings. From the Settings click Restore, in the dialog, you can then select an auto backup or select a backup that you made previously. 

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