Spoof - Getting Started Guide

What is Spoof?

Spoof is a tool with a lot of versatility; it contains Browsers that can create unique browsing sessions that can be used freely or mirrored using Multi-Browser Control and Autofill scripts. Spoof also contains Location Spoofer for iOS devices.

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When starting Spoof, the first tab is Browsers. Here you will be able to create groups of browsers, and use browser features such as Multi-Browser Control or Tile Browser Control. 

Creating Browser Tasks | Editing Browser Tasks | Multi-Browser Control | Browser AutoSolve 

Creating Browser Tasks

Within the Browsers section of Spoof, you have the ability to create many unique browsers. When creating the browsers, you can choose Autofill Scripts, set a Category, assign Proxies and Profiles, and configure some other settings.

  1. To create Browsers press Create. This will open a dialog where you will be able to configure the settings for your browsers. Each option in the dialog has a description that provides more information about what it is for.
  2. Once you have finished configuring the settings for your browsers press Save, this will set up the browsers in the Category you specified and you can begin to use them.

Editing Browser Tasks

After you have created some browsers, you may find that you want to modify the browser by adjusting the URL, updating the proxy pool, or clearing the proxy altogether. You can find the options for these actions under the Options button on the right or by right-clicking a browser.


Multi-Browser Control (MBC)

One of the settings you have available to you when creating Browser Tasks is Multi-Browser Control (MBC). MBC is a powerful tool that allows you to control multiple browsers through the actions you perform in one browser. This feature is incredibly useful and can make quick work of typically manual or click-intensive tasks. Multi-Browser Control will only mimic mouse actions and cannot copy keyboard presses across to the other browsers.

  1. The setting for Multi-Browser Control is found in the Create Browser Tasks dialog. Multi-Browser Control must be enabled on browsers either during creation or through the Edit dialog on all the browsers you want MBC to work on.
  2. Once you have confirmed that the browsers you want to use MBC on have it enabled you can select both the Main browser and the browsers you want to control and start them.
  3. Click the three-line “hamburger” icon at the top-right of the browser, and enable Multi-Browser Control. The browser you do this in will designate itself as the Main Browser by changing the icon color to green, and allow other Multi-Browser Control enabled browsers to copy the actions of the main browser. 

Browsers AutoSolve

AutoSolve is integrated throughout the Toolbox programs in a lot of different ways allowing you to take advantage of your trusted Accounts and make Captcha Solving during a variety of tasks automated and easier. Inside of Spoof, the following Autofill Scripts are set up to work with AutoSolve:

  • Crocs
  • Footsites
  • PlayStation Direct
  • Shopify
  • NBA Top Shot
  • YeezySupply


AutoCheckout is featured in the second tab of Spoof. Under AutoCheckout you can create tasks for Nike SNKRS US/CA. You can also schedule tasks, generate activity on your SNKRS Accounts, and view successful AutoCheckout Orders.

Creating Nike SNKRS Tasks | Running Nike SNKRS Tasks | Nike SNKRS Activity Generator | Orders

Creating Nike SNKRS Tasks

You will need to add SNKRS Accounts to the Accounts section in order to be able to create tasks for SNKRS. Each Task will require a unique account. We go more in-depth into adding Accounts here.

  1. Go to the Accounts Tab in Spoof, from here you can either add accounts Individually using File > New which will allow you to add an account to Spoof, or Import them using File > Import and importing a copy of our Accounts Format. For SNKRS you will need to make sure you change the store in the dialog before saving it. 

Once you have added at least one account you can begin to create Nike SNKRS AutoCheckout tasks. 

  1. Under AutoCheckout press Create and select either Nike SNKRS US or CA from the dropdown before pressing next.
  2. This will bring up a Create Tasks dialog allowing you to configure the task with some of the available settings. 
    • Profile Categories allows you to set a category of billing profiles you wanted to be assigned to the tasks you are creating. 
    • Accounts, as mentioned, are required in order to create a SNKRS task, but allows you to specify the accounts you want to use for your tasks. Below there is also a checkbox that will use the billing profile assigned to the account. You can assign a billing profile to an account under Accounts > Editing an Account > and clicking Choose Profile.
    • Proxy Pool is the category of proxies that will be used on your task. 
    • Sizes allow you to set a list of sizes for Spoof to prioritize. Below there is also the Shuffle Sizes option which will allow you to set different priorities of sizes when you are creating your tasks. As an example, if you set your sizes to 12 and 12.5 and create half the tasks with 12 as the priority and the other half with 12.5 as the priority.
    • Product URLs will allow you to provide multiple products for AutoCheckout to enter.
  3. Once you have finished configuring your tasks from the available settings click Create.

Running Nike SNKRS Tasks

Once you have created your SNKRS Tasks they will be ready for use. There are two different ways that you can start up these tasks.

  • Scheduling Tasks: Scheduling your tasks will only work if you keep Spoof open. It allows you to schedule your tasks to begin at a set time and try to checkout. This is really great if you are not going to be in front of your computer during the drop, and even if you are it is helpful to ensure that you don't miss the drop. It is accessed by using the Schedule button, and you can use the Unschedule button in order to stop the current schedule. 
  • Manual Start: This will start the task right away and can be used either by pressing the Play button on a task or by using Start All.

When starting or scheduling SNKRS tasks there are a few different modes you will choose from:

  • Checkout - This mode will start the Normal checkout process for Nike SNKRS.
  • Clear + Checkout - This mode will first clear all saved Payment Methods and Billing/Shipping information on the Nike Account before adding the information on the Billing Profile from the task and then starting the regular checkout mode. 
  • Activity Generation (Not Available when Scheduling) - This mode builds trust on your Nike Account by conducting humanlike activities in order to decrease the probability of your Nike orders being canceled. 

Nike SNKRS Activity Generator

Within Spoof one of the modes we have when starting a Nike SNKRS task is the Account Generator mode. This mode will complete different activities as a way to have activity on your Nike account and reduce the probability of your Nike orders being canceled. In order to use this, you will need to create a task, and then start a task in Activity Generator mode.


The Orders section will display any successfully placed orders made using AutoCheckout in Spoof. It will show information such as the Order ID, Billing Profile, and Account used, as well as the product and order time.


The Profiles section has very similar functionality to that of Profile Converter, you will mainly be using it to Import Profiles into Spoof. To do this you can either Export from Profile Converter in the AYCD format and Import that file into Spoof, use the Import From Profile Converter button under Options, or drag the Profiles from Profile Converter and drop them into Spoof. For more information on jigging your profiles please refer to the Profile Converter Guide.

Import From Profile Converter

  1. Go to Options and click on Import From Profile Converter.
  2. Select the Category of Profiles you want to Import.
  3. Press Save. 


The Proxies section allows you to add proxy lists into Spoof for your tasks and to test them against a list of Target Websites.

  1. Click on Create.
  2. Paste the Proxies you have and set a Category name or select an existing one from the drop-down, then press save.
    When Testing Proxies, you have the option to select the Target Testing Website, as well as delete proxies that returned dead or slow from your latest test. These options are found on the right-hand side under the Options button.


Accounts are the fifth tab within Spoof. It is here where you can import and organize your accounts for some of the different Spoof tasks like Nike SNKRS. Below are some of the ways to create or import Accounts.

Manually Adding Accounts | Importing Accounts | Importing From Generator

Manually Adding Accounts

When adding accounts to Spoof, there are a few Stores that you can choose from: Google, SNKRS, and Other; these store types help organize accounts and can make it easy when looking for accounts that may share the same email across multiple stores. If you have accounts in OneClick you will notice these were automatically imported under the Google store. To add a new account:

  1. Click on File > Create. This will bring forward a dialog that you can begin to enter your account information in.
  2. Set a category name for the account to be added to, or created under, and then the store. This is important to further group accounts.
  3. Enter the Username and then the Password of the account.
  4. If you want a specific billing profile associated with an account - you can Choose a Profile from Spoof or press Edit Profile to manually create one. If you have this set when you create tasks in AutoCheckout for SNKRS you can set the program to use the Profile stored with the account rather than having to assign a Profile later on.
  5. Save the Account, and your account will be visible within its category.

Importing Accounts

Another way you can add accounts is using the Import option under File. This will allow you to import accounts using our CSV Format, which you can copy by clicking here, or using the copy/paste format with the username and password for the account separated with a colon. To import your accounts:

  1. Click on File > Import. This will open a dialog where you can import a file made using our Account Import Format by clicking on the paper and selecting the file. If you put a store in the CSV this setting will override the store you select here.
  2. The other option is the Copy/Paste format. You can click on Copy/Paste which will transform the dialog allowing you to enter your accounts in the Username:Password format.
  3. Once you have done that confirm your Category and Store selection if you are not using the store column in the Import Format and click on the Import Button.

Importing From Generator

The last way that you can import accounts is directly from Generator. In Generator we have a feature that allows you to create accounts for different stores, some of which can be used in Spoof! To import directly from Generator:

  1. Open the Accounts tab in Spoof. Click on Options on the right and Import from Generator. This will create a dialog where you can select the categories of accounts you want to import to Spoof.
  2. Once you have selected the categories you want to import click save. Once in Spoof, you can change the category of the account or set a Billing Profile to it.


Clear All Cache Files: This is only recommended to be used if you need to remove all the data stored by Spoof in the browser cache. This will delete all cache files and sign you out of all the accounts, as such it is not recommended to click this if your accounts require 2FA to sign in.

Sleep Accounts at Night: This sets your accounts during Nike SNKRS Activity Generation to sleep overnight. Accounts will start sleeping from a random time between 8pm and Midnight, and then will start up again between 5am-9am. It is recommended to use the same timezone that the proxies are located in, for example, NA for US proxies and Europe for EU based proxies.

Mouse Movement Interval: These options will determine how your mouse movements should be tracked in-browser. It is recommended to leave this on AUTO as the higher you set this, the more processing power Spoof will require, but it is useful for getting around Anti-Bot protection on sites. 

Browser Rendering Mode: This is used to determine how your browsers are rendered on your screen. Hardware Accelerated uses your GPU and is the preferred method as it allows you to run many more tasks. Off Screen should only be used if you are having rendering issues with the browser.

Browsers View Mode: This option will let you change how your browser tasks are displayed in the Browsers tab. The Tiles view allows you to preview the browsers when they're in specific categories, while the Table view removes the preview.

OneClick Working Directory: This will list your current OneClick directory. Clicking on the folder will allow you to change this, though you should never need to do this unless you change your OneClick Directory and need to update it in Spoof.

Discord Webhook: You will be able to enter your Discord Webhook link here to have updates sent from Spoof to the channel you specify. Information regarding setting up a Discord Webhook can be found here.

AutoSolve API Key: This field allows Spoof to connect to AutoSolve. You will want to ensure that the API Keys are different for all bot instances being used at that time.

Application Language: This will allow you to select between English or Chinese for Spoof to be displayed in.

Tips and Tricks

In Spoof it is now possible to reorder the Sidebar Icons in the Browsers and AutoCheckout. This order will save between restarts making it more customizable to the way you use.

When selecting a billing profile for your accounts, the “Choose Profile” section will default to try and search for your profiles by the username of the account you are on. This will mean that some (or all) options will not appear unless you delete the search field to reveal them all.


It's important to remember that your browsers will not be previewable in the Tiles view while they're in the All category - they must be added to a specific category if you wish to view the browsers as tiles as the images below demonstrate.





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