AYCD Webhooks - Getting Started Guide

What is AYCD Webhooks

Webhooks is the latest service offered by AYCD. Have you ever felt like you are missing some of your webhook messages? Discord Rate Limiting and API errors can result in lost webhook messages that never see the light of day. Webhooks by AYCD uses smart scheduling to ensure all of your webhook messages are delivered. Instead of using a Discord Webhook, you will use a uniquely generated AYCD Webhook, with all of your webhook messages automatically forwarded to Discord.


To use AYCD Webhooks, you need a subscription to either the AYCD Toolbox or AYCD Pro.

Creating a Discord Webhook | Creating an AYCD Webhook | Supported Bots

Creating a Discord Webhook 

In order to use AYCD Webhooks, you will first need to create a Discord Webhook for the data to be sent to. In order to create a Discord Webhook, you will need to go to Discord. Inside Discord, you can either right-click on the Channel you want to create the webhook for or right-click on the server and go to Server Settings. From there click on Integrations and Create Webhook.

From Server Settings
From Edit Channel

If you already have created Webhooks before, once you click on View Webhooks there will be a create Webhooks button within the Webhooks section.

Once you have created a Discord Webhook, you are ready to set up an AYCD Webhook. 

Creating an AYCD Webbook

Creating an AYCD Webhook is easy and quick.

  1. First, make sure that on Discord you hit Copy Webhook URL on your existing or newly created Webhook.
  2. When your Discord Webhook URL copies to your Clipboard you will want to head over to the Webhooks section on your AYCD Account Dashboard.
  3. From this account Dashboard, you will want to click on the Add Webhook button in Blue.
  4. This will create a dialog where you will need to set a name for the AYCD Webhook, you can enter any name you would like but it is best to name it something that connects it to the Channel and Server you set up the Discord Webhook in. AYCD Webhooks has the capability for multiple Discord Webhooks to feed into one AYCD Webhook. In the Discord Webhook URL box, you will paste the copied Webhook URL(s) from discord. Lastly, click on Save.
  5. Once you save, the Dashboard will update, and in the table below it will show the Webhook that you just added. In order to use Discord Webhooks, you will need to copy the Webhook and place it in the Bot or Application in place of the Discord Webhook.

When your bot sends a Webhook through the AYCD Webhook it will route to the Discord Channel that you have the corresponding Discord Webhook set up in. The AYCD Webhook will ensure that the webhook is delivered to Discord ensuring that you never miss a webhook again!

Supported Bots

Not all bots will support using AYCD Webhooks. As bots add support for AYCD Webhooks the list of bots below will be updated. 

  • AIOMoji
  • Bonza
  • CarnageBot
  • Cybersole
  • ElevateAIO
  • FlareAIO
  • Ganesh (Does not contain spoilers)
  • KSR
  • Kodai
  • LexAIO
  • LinearAIO
  • MEKpreme
  • Nebula
  • Nyte
  • OminousAIO
  • Polaris
  • PrismAIO
  • StormeAIO
  • StrikeAIO
  • SwiftSole
  • Tohru
  • Torpedo AIO
  • Valor
  • Whatbot


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