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What is Resell Manager?

Resell Manager is a tool within the AYCD Toolbox and it is the AIO Sales Manager, and Botting Tool. It contains a Sales Manager allowing you to Import and Manage your Sales History, Manage Fees and Expenses, as well as a Vault for Bot Keys and Passwords, and lastly as a way to track Orders and scan your Discord Webhooks for purchases.

Shipment Tracker | Discord Webhook Scanner

Shipment Tracker

When starting Resell Manager, the second tab is the Tracker Tab. Under Tracker, you will be able to track Shipments as well as use the Discord Webhook Scanner to import Shipments from your Webhooks!

Creating a Shipment | Importing & Exporting Shipments | Syncing and Updating Shipment Status

Creating a Shipment

Creating a shipment allows you to add a Tracking Number to Resell Manager in order to allow Resell Manager to update and keep track of your Deliveries. This tool is made even more powerful with the Discord Webhook Scanner which allows you to Scan your Discord Webhooks for Orders to import into Resell Manager. Click here to learn about the Discord Webhook Scanner.

  1. Under Tracker click on File and then Create.
  2. This will open up the Create Dialog allowing you to create an order to track.

In this Dialog you have the following Fields:

Category: This allows you to set a Category for your order to better sort and organize your orders.

Name: This is a reference that allows you to easily recognize the Shipment, you can name it however you would like.

Tracking/Order Number: This is the tracking number field that will allow Resell Manager to find and update your order.

Carrier: This field will often be automatically set based on your order number, but you can modify it to a supported carrier in the event Resell Manager does not automatically select the correct one. Supported Carriers include Footsites, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Nike, Footsites (EU/AU), Mesh, Finishline (US), and JdSports (US).

Email & Postcode: These fields are for Footsites, Nike, and Mesh orders which require an email or Postal code associated with the shipment in order to check the order status.

Mesh Store & Mesh Region: These fields are required in order to track Mesh orders.

Importing & Exporting Shipments 

Importing Shipments allows for an easier way to create multiple Shipments at once, and exporting them allows you to move them to a different computer or export them for your records. You can use the link below in order to make a copy of this sheet.

Google Sheet Shipments Import Template

Once you fill it out and you are ready to Import it into Resell Manager download it as a CSV.

  1. From the Google Sheet Click File.
  2. Download > and then Download the Sheet as a Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)


  1. Once downloaded it can be Imported into Resell Manager. To Import the CSV file click on File > Import.
  2. You can set a Category in order to import all orders to a specific Category or leave it as All to use the ones provided in the Sheet.
  3. Use the icon to the right of the File Path field in order to find it using Windows Explorer, or Finder.


Syncing & Updating Shipment Status

Once you have Created or Imported your Shipments the next thing you will want to do is Sync them in order to get the current status of your Shipments. 

  1. In order to Sync your Shipments, on the right-hand side click on Options > Sync.
  2. This will create a dialog where you can select a Category of Proxies that you add under the Proxies Tab. (It is recommended to use proxies when checking large amounts of orders especially from Footsites and Mesh)
  3. Then press on Update.

Discord Webhook Scanner

Resell Manager's Discord Webhook Scanner allows you to Import your Shipments directly from your Success Webhooks in Discord. This can be done by searching for Webhooks between a certain date or turning on Live Monitoring during a drop to Import them automatically as they show up in your Discord Webhooks Channel. In order to use this feature, it will require some setup outside of Resell Manager. Please ensure that you read the below guide thoroughly in order to setup! While Resell Manager will do its best to match any bots webhook, we only officially support formats found in the Supported Webhook Formats section

Setting Up Scanner | Importing Webhooks | Live Monitoring | Supported Webhook Formats

Setting Up Scanner

First, you will need to set up an Application in Discord through the Discord Developer Portal. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Go to the Developer Portal ( and sign in to your Discord account.
  2. Once you have signed in click on New Application. This will open a dialog where you will be able to create a name for your Application. The name does not matter, so you can input any name. Once you have set a name press Create.
  3. You should be on the General Information Page of your Application. On the left-hand side click on Bot.
  4. From the Bot page click on Add Bot. This will create a Bot for your Application and bring you to the Build-A-Bot Page. This page will allow you to Copy your Bot's Token.
  5. In order for Tracker to read information, you need to scroll down and enable Message Content Intent. 
  6. Click on Copy and then paste your Bot's Token into the Discord Bot Token field in Settings of Resell Manager and press save. This will allow you to connect your Bot with Resell Manager.
  7. You can test the integration by pressing the Connect Discord Bot button in the Tracker tab.

Now that we have connected Resell Manager with the Discord Bot we need to invite the bot to our Webhook Server so that it has the ability to import and monitor webhook channels. 

  1. If you are still on the Developer Portal go back to the General Information section from the menu on the left-hand side.
  2. This time you are going to need the CLIENT ID. You can copy this using the copy button just below it.
  3. Back inside of Resell Manager in the Tracker tab click on Options > Generate Bot Invite Link. Inside of the Generate Bot Invite Link dialog paste the CLIENT ID and then use the copy button to paste your Bot Invite URL into your browser. You need to ensure that the bot has Administrator permissions in order to access Channels within the discord server.
    AddDiscordBot.png mceclip1.pngAuthorized.png

Using this link in your browser will allow you to invite your bot to the servers you have your webhooks in. After we have invited the bot to the server with our webhooks we need to tell it what channels to listen to!

  1. We can tell it what channels to listen to by pressing Create in the top left-hand corner. If the bot is not already connected to Resell Manager it will try to connect before bringing up a dialog.
  2. This dialog will allow you to set a Category, select the server you want to add Channels to scan from if you invited the bot to multiple servers. Lastly, you can select the Channels you want to add to Resell Manager and press Create.

Importing Webhooks

Once you have created tracking on the webhook channels in Resell Manager you will be able to import past Shipments from the success webhooks. 

  1. From the Trackers tab click on either the Play button or Options > Scan Webhooks and a Dialog will appear.
  2. In the dialog, you will pick the range of dates to import webhooks from. So if you pick January 10th as the start date, and January 31st as the end date it will import all Shipments within the selected channels for that date range.SelectDateRange.png

Live Monitoring

The Live Monitoring option allows you to have your shipments import as the webhooks send to your monitored channels. To do this select the discord channels you wish to monitor and go to Options > Live Monitoring.

Supported Webhook Formats

We support the import of bot webhooks using the Discord Webhook Scanner for the following bots. Even if your bot is not on the list of supported formats, the Discord Webhook Scanner will attempt to import your order using the information from the webhook.

  • AIOMoji
  • Cybersole
  • DragonAIO
  • HayhaAIO
  • KodaiAIO
  • KylinBot
  • Nebula
  • Phantom
  • RushAIO
  • Tohru
  • Valor
  • Wrath
  • More Bots TBD
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