Inbox - Inventory - Changing Inventory View Type


You can toggle the inventory view type to switch from Sales Data, Tracking Data, or a Custom Data view. These views vary from showing the profit and losses for items to the shipment tracking view for your Inventory. With the Custom Data view, you can choose which columns appear in your Inventory tableview.

Setup & Recommendations

  • If you want to enhance your knowledge about utilizing the Update Tracking Info feature within the Inventory section, please refer to this guide

Changing Inventory View Type

1. Navigate to the Inventory tab within Inbox.

2. Select the View Type dropdown in the top right corner. Clicking on this will allow you to select between the different view types.

  • The Sales Data View shows profits and losses on your inventory items.

  • The Tracking Data view shows the tracking information of your Inventory items.

  • The Custom Data view enables you to create a custom view type with customizable columns by clicking the Options button on the top right, then the Edit Columns button.


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