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Local Tasks are used when the bot you are using does not support our API or if you need to manually generate phone numbers for your own use.

Setup & Recommendations

  • In order to create local tasks, you need to add SMS Credentials; you can find the guide for that here.
  • Once you have added SMS Credentials, you need to create a Task Template; the guide for that can be found here
  • If you are running into any errors, please double-check the provider has numbers available for the specified countries and that you have sufficient balance.

Creating Local Tasks


1. Navigate over to the Local Tasks section within SMS in Inbox. This section has an icon that looks like three squares titled Local Tasks when you hover over it.

2. Click on the Create button at the top left of the view.

3. This opens the Create SMS Task dialog. You can select the Task Type from the drop-down; in most cases, you will use the Request Phone Number and SMS. Then select the template you'd like to use and the quantity of Local Tasks you'd like to create. In  The Phone Number drop-down is only used for Request SMS and Cancel Phone Number as these are options where you have already provided a phone number. 

4. Once you have added the information, click Start.

5. Inbox will then create the task(s) and request phone numbers from the provider specified in the template. You can click on the icon in the Phone Number column to copy the number.
6. Once an SMS code has been received by the provider Inbox will update the Status to Success and provide the code in the Text Message column.

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