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Creating SMS Task Templates allows you to create unique Provider and Country configurations to request numbers from specified websites.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Before creating a Task Template, you must add SMS Provider credentials, which is covered in this guide here.

Creating Task Templates

1. Navigate to the Task Templates section in Inbox under SMS. This section has an icon that looks like a book titled Task Templates when you hover over it.


2. Click on Create. This will open the Create SMS Task Template dialog.

3. By default, templates are created in the All Category. You can override this and specify a category name to have your template created into a unique category.

5. Click the store name dropdown and select the Store the numbers will be used for.

6. Click Create under the Provider Configs section and configure the Create SMS Provider Config dialogue.


7. Click on the SMS Provider Type and select an SMS provider from the Dropdown.

8. Click on the SMS Credentials dropdown and select the SMS Credentials for said provider. 

9. Click on the SMS Countries dropdown and select the SMS Country you want to use. 

10. Organize the priority of countries by dragging the blue text fields around.


11. Selecting Rent Multi-Use Numbers and Use Existing Rented Numbers are greyed out depending on the provider being used.

12. Click Save after configuring your provider.

13. Multiple Provider Configs can be added to an SMS Task template; however, it's not required. In order to re-organize the priority, simply drag the configs around.


14. Click Save to finalize the SMS Task Template.





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