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You can configure Prioity Monitoring to monitor credentials at a faster rate than what's specified in Settings. This is useful when you have time-sensitive Emails that you need to view, such as raffle wins, OTP codes, and more.

Setup & Recommendations

  • To use Priority Monitoring, you need to add Mail Credentials to Inbox.
  • You should only use Priority Monitoring with credentials that contain time-sensitive Emails. 

Configure Priority Monitoring

1. Navigate over to the Credentials section of Inbox in Mail. This section has an icon that looks like a book with a person on it titled Credentials when you hover over it.

2. Click the Options button at the top right of the view, then the Configure Priority Monitoring button.

3. You can select which mail credentials you want to monitor activity on at a faster refresh interval in the Configure Mail Monitoring dialog with the checkboxes.

4. You can specify the Refresh Interval in seconds your mail credentials are checked for new emails. This value must be at least 15 seconds.

5. After configuring the Mail Monitoring dialog, click the Save button.

6. A dialog confirming the amount of Mail Credentials to be actively monitored and the refresh interval you set will appear.

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