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The Unsubscribe Tool in Inbox allows you to automate the process of unsubscribing from all future mail from the sender of the selected emails.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Before Unsubscribing, you need to have synced mail to Inbox.


1. Navigate over to the Emails section of Inbox in Mail. This section has an envelope icon titled Emails when you hover over it.

2. Select the emails you want to unsubscribe from in the table.

3. Click on the Tools button at the top right of the view or right-click on the table and click on Tools. This will bring up the Tools dialog for Inbox.

4. Click the dropdown and choose Unsubscribe.

5. Click Start.

6. You can specify a Proxy Category to use for unsubscribing. This is optional and only needed to avoid being rate limited on certain sites where you are unsubscribing from emails for. 

7. If you have proxies assigned to your Mail Credentials, you can click the Use proxies from mail credentials checkbox to use the proxies from your mail credentials for unsubscribing. 

8. You can click the Delete successfully unsubscribed emails from mail server checkbox to delete successfully unsubscribed emails from the mail server automatically. 

9. Click Start.

10. You can cancel the unsubscribe task by clicking the Cancel button.

11. You can hide the task status dialog by clicking the Run in Background button.

12. You can view the status of all your Inbox tasks by clicking the Running Background Tasks button on the top right of Inbox. 

13. Once it has successfully unsubscribed, it will show a dialog showing the number of times it was completed successfully.


14. If Inbox fails to Unsubscribe from a selected email, it will show a dialog with each email it could not unsubscribe from. You can double-click on these to load the email and manually unsubscribe.


15. If you selected the Delete successfully unsubscribed emails from the mail server, a dialog will appear showing the progress of the delete operation.



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