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The Settings View gives you more control over Inbox, allowing you to configure a Discord Webhook to enable notifications, enable the use of Mail and SMS tasks, modify the Mail & Inventory systems, and more.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Ensure that you read the description and understand what each setting does before modifying it to avoid changing things in an unintended way. You can use the Reset > App Config to reset the application-specific settings.


1. Navigate to the Settings section in Inbox.

2. From the General Tab, you can configure settings like the AYCD/Discord Webhook to be used to send notifications to your Discord Channel, view Release Notes, and also access settings like Backup and Restore.

3. If you find Inbox is taking up a lot of space on your local disk and you have other drives to which you want to move Inbox, you can use the Move Resource Directory setting to move Inbox's directory. If you want to transfer data, ensure you are using this button rather than trying to move the install directory manually.

4. Once you finish configuring your settings, click the Save button.

Password Lock

The Password Lock section enables you to add a Password that is required when opening Inbox or after a timeout. You can learn more about enabling Password Lock here.

ChatGPT Service

The ChatGPT Service view allows you to enable the power of AI through features like Regex AI, which allow you to query either AYCD Text AI or use your own OpenAI Key.

1. The AYCD tab shows your token balance for AYCD Text AI. You will receive 100k monthly tokens for free for use across all AYCD Services, such as Regex AI, when Creating a Mail Scraper.

2. If you use all of your AYCD Text AI Balance, you can paste your OpenAI API Key in the OpenAI section.

3. You can configure the maximum number of tokens to use per request in the Max Tokens field. This limit ensures you do not go over the model's token limit.

4. You can specify which chat model to use in the Chat Model Type dropdown.

5. Once you finish configuring your settings, click the Save button.



The Notifications Service view allows you to enable notifications for different operations throughout Inbox. 

1. You can enable notifications for specific features in the program with the checkbox in the correlating feature box.

2. Optionally, you can provide a Webhook URL to override the default one you set in Settings > General.

3. Once you finish configuring your settings, click the Save button.


The Tasks view allows you to enable the use of Tasks for the Mail and SMS views allowing Inbox to be used remotely by other programs via an API key.

1. To enable tasks, click on the Tasks tab in Settings and use the checkbox to Enable Tasks, and click Save. The program will prompt a restart to give you access to the Tasks features.

2. Once the program restarts, you will find your Inbox Tasks API Key that can be used in OneClick or other programs that allow for the Inbox Tasks API.

3. You can reset your Tasks API Key by using the Reset API Key button. If you reset your API Key, you will need to update it where it is used, and any existing tasks may fail to return a result.

4. Once you finish configuring your settings, click the Save button.


The Mail tab allows you to configure settings specific to Mail in Inbox.

1. You can configure your Automatic Sync Interval. This value determines when Inbox will sync mail from all active mail credentials in minutes. A value of 0 indicates you do not want to sync mail automatically. 

2. The Concurrent Sync Limit field determines how many accounts sync at a given time. A higher number uses more bandwidth and can cause sync issues.

3. The Sync Mail History dropdown determines the number of days to sync older mail. You can adjust this value if you need mail older than the default value or if you want to sync less mail to improve stability. Syncing can take a long time if you use a high value and have a large inbox. 

4. You can click the Sync Mail On Startup checkbox to automatically sync mail when you open the program and for all newly added credentials.

5. You can click the Disable Images checkbox to disable images in mail to prevent tracking and improve email loading speed.

6. You can click the Show Unsubscribe Browser checkbox to show the browser view when running the Unsubscribe Tool in Mail.

7. Once you finish configuring your settings, click the Save button.


The Inventory settings primarily deal with Tracking Information on Inventory items.

1. If you want to enable Automatic updating of Tracking Info on your inventory items, click the checkbox. This will enable the Automatic syncing of Inventory Items. Inbox must be kept open for your tracking info to update automatically.

2. You can specify a Refresh Interval in hours. This is the time between each automatic update of your tracking info.

3. You can specify the Proxy Categories used to update the tracking status of an inventory item. This is useful if you are tracking many items and are being rate limited by the carrier website.

4. You can specify which Currency to use for your Inventory items.

5. Once you finish configuring your settings, click the Save button.

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