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You can use proxies with modules in Inbox. You can use them for tracking shipments and when using the Unsubscribe Tool.

Setup & Recommendations

  • You should use proxies when updating the shipping status of Inventory items or when you use the Automatically Update Tracking Info option.

Adding Proxies

1. Navigate to the Proxies tab within Inbox.

2. Click the Create button. This will open a dialog for you to input your proxies.

3. By default, Proxies are created to the All Category. You can override this and specify a category name to have your Proxies created in or use the dropdown to assign them to an existing category.

4. Once you have finished inputting your proxies, you can click on Save, and you will see your proxies in the Proxies table.

Testing & Copying Proxies

1. Navigate to the Proxies tab within Inbox.

2. Select the Proxies from the table that you want the test.

3. Use the Target dropdown to specify which website you want to test your proxies on. If the website you want to test is not listed in the dropdown menu, select Custom to pick any website. 

4. After testing your proxies, their speed will be displayed under the Page Load (ms) column.

5. You can use the Delete Dead Proxies option to remove any proxies that have timed out or have connection issues.

6. You can use the Delete Slow Proxies option to remove any proxies that are not fast enough for your use case. After selecting the option, specify a maximum acceptable ping in milliseconds. Any proxies testing speeds above the ping you specify will be removed.

7. You can use the Delete Duplicate Proxies option to remove any duplicate proxies.

8. After you have tested your proxies and filtered them out, if you want to use them outside of Inbox, use the Copy to Clipboard button under Options or by selecting your proxies, right-clicking, and choosing the Copy to Clipboard option to copy your proxies to your clipboard.

9. Use the Test Localhost button to test the speed of your local network.

Now you have added proxies to Inbox. You can test your proxy speeds and use them with many modules in Inbox.

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