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The Recommended Mode helps you simplify your AutoSolve setup by automatically using the recommended AutoSolve settings that we have found give the best chance for success. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • Recommended Mode will configure a majority of AutoSolve Settings to be what we have found the most successful for solving captchas.
  • Recommended Mode automatically rotates which solver is in use. You should have more Accounts / Solvers running than what you specify in the Local Solver Limit setting. This will enable your solvers to rotate automatically after they solve many captchas, leading to overall faster solving times.
  • You can read more on AutoSolve in the AutoSolve Getting Started Guide.

Recommended Mode

1. Navigate to the AutoSolve | General section in OneClick under Settings. 

2. Click on the AutoSolve Mode dropdown, and select Recommended. This will automatically configure your AutoSolve Settings setup using the settings we have found to give the best success.


3. Click on Save. 

Additional Settings

Local Solver Limit: You can specify how many solvers run simultaneously with the Local Solver Limit setting. If this setting is set to 0, OneClick will automatically detect a safe number of solvers to run simultaneously.

Max Manual Solves At Once: You can control when challenges are distributed to your third-party solvers with the Max Manual Solves At Once setting. This limit determines how many solvers showing manual solve required before sending challenges to any of your enabled third-party solvers.  

Max Running Accounts: If you changed the developer setting for Max Running Accounts in the Advanced tab under Settings, it is recommended to reduce that number to avoid overloading your system, as Solvers may farm and solve simultaneously.

Cancel the AutoSolve task when you close the local browser solving it: If you want the AutoSolve task to cancel when you close the local browser solving it, you can click the Cancel the AutoSolve task when you close the local browser solving it checkbox. You should only select this option if you want better control over canceling difficult-to-solve tasks.

Once you finish customizing your Settings, click the Save button.

Starting AutoSolve Tasks

1. Navigate to the Accounts section in OneClick. 

2. Select the Solvers that you want to start with AutoSolve from the Accounts table. 

3. Click on the Options button at the top right of the view or right-click on the table and click on Start AutoSolve.

4. If you have the Automatically Farm Solvers while using AutoSolve setting enabled, your  Solvers will begin waiting for captchas with the farming cycles starting 5-10 minutes after that in the background.

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