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You can export your Nike Order information to a CSV file to easily manage your orders. This CSV includes valuable information such as Order ID, Tracking Number, Product Name, Style Color, Size, Order Status, and more.

Setup & Recommendations

  • Before exporting your orders to a CSV, you must run the Fetch Order tool so that your account's orders appear in the Orders view. 

Exporting Orders

1. Navigate over to the Orders section of Profile Builder in Accounts. This section has the cardboard box icon titled Orders when you hover over it.

2. Select the orders you want to export. You can select multiple orders with the checkbox button in the table view, or you can use commands such as SHIFT + left click or CTRL/CMD + A to multi-select your orders.

3. Click the Export button.

4. The file explorer will open to where your CSV file is exported.


Now you can easily export your Nike order information to a CSV file.

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