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You can easily clear your browser cookies or transfer them between browsers, devices, or programs that support importing cookies.

Setup & Recommendations

  • In order to transfer cookies from your browsers, you need to create Browser tasks and have them running.
  • You cannot export the cookies of multiple browsers at once.


1. Navigate over to the Tasks section of Profile Builder in Browsers. This section has the browser icon titled Tasks when you hover over it.

2. Select the browsers you want to Clear or Import cookies for from the table. Ensure that the browser is running. If you want to export the browser cookies, you can only have one browser selected at a time.

3. Click the Options button in the top right of the view or right-click on the table go to cookies before selecting from the options: Import, Export, and Clear.


4. If you select Import, a dialog will appear where you can paste your cookies in a JSON format, then click Import.


5. If you select Export, a dialog will appear where you can click anywhere within the text area to copy the cookies to your clipboard.


6. If you select Clear, it will clear the cookies from the selected browsers before showing a dialog confirming it has been completed.

This system allows you to easily manage your cookies in Profile Builder.

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