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Spreadsheets allow you to work on CSV and Excel files to view, edit, and make changes without compromising the format.

Setup & Recommendations

  • If you are using Spreadsheets, in order to modify Profiles that you want to import into Profile Builder, they must be using the AYCD CSV format found here.

Using Spreadsheets

1. Navigate over to the Spreadsheets section of Profile Builder in Profiles. This section has the two pages icon titled Spreadsheets when you hover over it.

2. To open an existing spreadsheet, click on File, then Open.

3. In the Open Spreadsheets dialog, click the Choose Local File button and select the CSV or XSLX file on your computer that you would like open. You can open multiple spreadsheets at once by pasting the URL or specifying multiple file paths separated by a new line in the Open using Multiple Paths and URLs text area and then by pressing Load URLs and Files button.

4. If your spreadsheet contains a header row for the columns below, check the Contain Headers checkbox.

5. You can combine multiple spreadsheets into one spreadsheet with the Combine Spreadsheets checkbox.

6. Click the Import button to add your spreadsheet(s) to Profile Builder to begin editing them.

7. After editing your spreadsheets, you can save them by clicking on File, then Save. Saving like this will overwrite the imported file if it is loaded locally. If you want to save the spreadsheet as a new file, click Save As.

8. If you were editing a Profile format such as our CSV format, you can import that directly into Profile Builder by clicking the Options button on the top right, then click the Send to Profiles button to send them to the Profiles tab.

Sending Existing Profiles to Spreadsheets


1. To send existing profiles to the spreadsheets page, select the profiles you want to use on the Profiles page, click Options on the top right, then click Send To Spreadsheets.
2. In the Send to Spreadsheets dialog, you can select from a list of bot formats that support CSV/XSLX files, then click the Send button.

Modifying Profiles in Spreadsheets & Sending Back to Profiles

1. After you add Profiles to Spreadsheets, you can click on the Spreadsheets tab and begin making your desired modifications to them.
2. After making modifications to the profiles, they can be sent back to Profiles by clicking Options on the top right, selecting the profile format from the dropdown, then clicking Send.


3. Your profile will appear in the Profiles section in a category. The category name is determined by which bot format you selected.

4. If an AYCD/Discord webhook is inputted in Settings, you can send your spreadsheets to your Discord channel with the Send to Discord button. 

5. You can view and utilize Expressions in your spreadsheets. You can click the Expressions button in the Options dropdown to view a cheat sheet of all available Expressions.


Now you can fully utilize the Spreadsheets section of Profile Builder.

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