OneClick - AutoSolve - Solvers vs. Accounts


You can use Accounts and/or Solvers to solve captcha challenges within OneClick. Accounts and Solvers both incorporate with AutoSolve and AutoSolve AI. Accounts allow their standing with Google to be considered when receiving reCaptcha challenges. Generally, the higher the account rating, the easier reCaptcha challenges it will have, to an extent. Solvers are not bound to a Google account, so their IP is mainly considered as well as the browser session quality and age when receiving reCaptcha challenges. 

Setup & Recommendations

  • The best way to get more one-click captchas and easier captcha challenges is to farm Accounts or Solvers. Accounts can provide more one-clicks and easier challenges, but take more time to create and maintain. Solvers are a great alternative and can also be farmed.
  • If you don't want to use Accounts, you should farm Solvers with a unique ISP proxy.
  • You can learn how to create Account and Solver tasks in this guide.
  • If you have an AutoSolve AI subscription, AutoSolve AI will automatically solve reCaptcha v2 and hCaptcha challenges that appear in your Accounts and Solvers. 
  • You should set the AutoSolve Mode setting found in OneClick - Settings - AutoSolve | General to Recommended mode. 

Suggested Setups for Captcha Solving

reCaptcha V2 - Since reCaptcha is a Google service, the best way to solve these captcha challenges is having trusted Accounts or Solvers that have activity generated on them. If your captcha challenges do not receive a one-click, you can utilize a backup-solving service such as AutoSolve AI. When a captcha appears, AutoSolve AI will automatically solve it.

reCaptcha V3 - Since reCaptcha is a Google service, the best way to solve these captcha challenges is to have trusted Accounts or Solvers that have activity generated. reCaptcha v3 is less strict than reCaptcha v2, so you should see good results with Solvers that have activity generated.

hCaptcha - hCaptcha is not affiliated with Google and does not benefit at all from Accounts. We recommend that you use Empty Solvers with proxies assigned to them. Since there is very little chance of a one-click with hCaptcha challenges, you should use AutoSolve AI so that the requests can be solved for you.

Tips & Tricks

For a comprehensive guide that covers the differences between solvers and accounts for various types of challenges, we highly recommend taking a look at this guide
When starting solvers or accounts prior to reCaptchas releases it is highly suggested to warmup the browser with activity as it can decrease the difficulty of incoming challenges.


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