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The Show & Load URL tool allows you to show the browser and load a specified URL for an account. This feature can perform bulk actions on an account, such as checking account activity, reviewing security alerts, changing account settings, and more.

Setup & Recommendations

  • You must have account or solver tasks created in the Accounts section of OneClick to use the Show & Load URL Tool.

Show & Load URL

1. Navigate over to the Accounts section in OneClick. 
2. Select the accounts you want to Show & Load URL’s on. Click on the Tools button at the top right of the view or right-click on the selected accounts and click on Tools. This will bring up the Tools dialog for accounts.

3. Click the dropdown and choose Show & Load URL.
4. Click the Start button.

5. If you want to load the URL after the browser is shown, click the Load URL after Browser Shown checkbox.

6. If you want to skip checking if your account is logged into Google when starting tasks click the Skip Automatic Google Account Login Verification

7. Click the Start button. 

Now you can easily use the Show & Load URL Tool in OneClick. 


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