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The Add to Mail Tool enables you to send your Gmail accounts to the Mail section of OneClick. This allows you to transfer your IMAP Mail Credentials between Toolbox applications easily.

Setup & Recommendations

  • To use the Add to Mail Tool, you must enable 2FA on your account. If you don’t already, you can use the Enable 2FA Tool.
  • The Add to Mail Tool will automatically create an App Password for you, which is required to access IMAP when using Gmail accounts.

Add to Mail

1. Navigate to the Accounts/Solvers section in OneClick under Tasks. This section has an icon that looks like a play button titled Accounts/Solvers.

2. Select the accounts you want to add to Mail, then click the Tools button. Select the Add to Mail Tool and click the Start button.

3. A dialog will appear asking if you wish to proceed and mentioning that an app password will be generated. Click Yes if you want to proceed.

6. The action log will display the status, Added to Mail in green, once the task is finished successfully.

7. Now, you can easily transfer your Mail Credentials across Toolbox applications such as Inbox, TabSentry, and Profile Builder! Click here to learn more.

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