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SMS Credentials are used for generating and updating accounts. Using SMS Credentials makes this as automatic as possible and requires little input from you.

Setup & Recommendations

  • It is important to note that this is not required to generate accounts, but it will make the process more automated.
  • The setup for all the providers is different, so we have created separate sections of the guide for each provider. You can access the guide here.
  • Certain providers do not support some stores, so it is best to try to generate an account and view which providers are supported for that store before loading credit onto them.
  • I highly recommend reviewing the Accounts section of the Profile Builder - Getting Started Guide. It will allow you to see some of the basics and requirements for creating Accounts with Profile Builder.

Adding SMS Credentials


1. Navigate over to the SMS Credentials section of Profile Builder in Accounts. This section has the Messages Bubble with a Checkmark icon titled Provider Credentials when you hover over it.

2. Click on the Create button at the top left of the view.

3. This opens the Create Provider Credentials dialog. You can select the Provider from the drop-down and include the necessary information for your specific provider. The SMS Credentials Guide covers how to find this information for each Provider. 

4. Once you have added the information, click Save.


5. Profile Builder will try to check the Balance to verify whether the credentials are valid, and it'll display a Status Message along with the balance found.

With SMS Provider Credentials added to Profile Builder, you can begin to automate the generating and updating of accounts and also with Tuner Tools like SMS Reverification.

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