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Accounts can be crucial to check out on a retailer's website. Profile Builder helps you automate updating your accounts to make managing them more straightforward than ever.

Setup & Recommendations

  • You must have Google Chrome or Brave installed to use Account Generation. If you do not have it installed, when you try to generate accounts, it will prompt you to install it.
  • Before updating accounts, add your Mail Credentials to Profile Builder. Mail Credentials are essential to automate the account update process on many websites.
  • If the account you update requires an SMS, add SMS Credentials to Profile Builder. For example, you must add SMS Credentials if you want to update and reverify your Nike SNKRS SMS sim.
  • You should use proxies if you want to update more than one account from one website. You'll be able to learn more about adding proxies to Profile Builder here.

Update Account

1. Navigate to the Account Builder section in Profile Builder under Accounts. This section has an icon that looks like a cog titled Account Builder when you hover over it.

2. Click the Create button in the top left of the program.

3. Select which store flow you want to use to update your account(s), then click the Next button.

4. By default, Accounts are updated in a Category with the store's name. You can override this and specify a category name to have your accounts saved into a unique category.

5. Specify the Browser Type you want to use to update the accounts. If you have not downloaded Google Chrome or Brave, it will fail and prompt you to install the selected browser.

6. If you want your updated accounts sent to a Discord channel in a CSV format, you can use the Send to Discord checkbox. This setting requires you to have a Discord Webhook in Settings.

7. Some stores have unique Features used during updating. You can click the dropdown and choose the features you want to enable/disable.

8. Some stores allow the browser to be hidden while updated. If available for the selected store, you can uncheck the Show Browser checkbox, and the browser will run offscreen.

9. Specify which Accounts you want to update.

10. Depending on your selected store flow, you can update accounts with Profiles, a Catchall, or a list of Emails. Profiles will use the email from the billing profiles. Using a Catchall will automatically generate an email using your catchall domain. Using Emails will update accounts using the list of emails you provide.

11. Specify which Proxy Categories you want to use during updating. When updating more than one account, proxies are essential.

- You can use the Retry failed tasks with a random proxy checkbox to try a new proxy automatically.

- You can use the Hide already assigned proxy configurations checkbox to prevent an account from being updated using a proxy already attached to that store's account.

- You can use the Use Proxy From Account checkbox to use the proxy already associated with the selected account.

12. If the store requires email verification to update an account successfully, you can use the Mail Credentials section. This requires you to have previously added Mail Credentials to Profile Builder. Use the dropdown to select the Catchall/Forwarded or Individual Mail Credentials you are using to scan for Email OTP codes.

13. If the store requires an SMS code to update an account successfully, use the SMS Credentials section. This requires you to have previously added SMS Credentials to Profile Builder. You should use the Retry tasks when out of numbers checkbox to allow tasks to be retried if the SMS provider runs out of numbers. Following those checkboxes, you can select the specific credentials and countries of the requested phone numbers.

14. After configuring the dialog, click the Start button. Your accounts will start updating! You can find your updated accounts in the Account Credentials section. Click here for more details on the Account Credentials section.

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